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11–14 September 2011 12th Conference on Methods and Applications of Fluorescence

Strasbourg, France

MAF conferences, which started in Graz (1989, 1991), are held now every two years in different European countries: Prague (1993), Cambridge (1995), Berlin (1997), Paris (1999), Amsterdam (2001), Prague (2003), Lisbon (2005), Salzburg (2007) and Budapest (2009), have acquired a high international reputation.

MAF-12 will gather experts from all over the world to discuss the state of the art in all aspects of fluorescence techniques and their applications. The conference is aimed at researchers from universities, research institutes and companies, and also students, who apply fluorescence-based technologies in their research and products. It is highly multidisciplinary and will bring together scientists working in areas such as chemistry, physics, biology, pharmacology, medicine, and (nano)materials.

The forthcoming meeting will cover the following scientific topics:

  • Fluorescence Spectroscopy (Theory and Applications)
  • High Resolution Microscopy
  • Fluorescence Microscopy and Cell Imaging
  • Fluorescence Correlation and Single Molecule Spectroscopy
  • Novel Fluorescent Probes, Fluorescent Proteins, Sensors and Labels
  • Materials and Nanomaterials, including Quantum dots
  • Fluorescence in Biology/Medicine
  • Fluorescence in High Throughput Screening Assays


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