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24–28 September 2023, Budapest, Hungary
9th International Conference on Carbon for Energy Storage and Environmental Protection

We cordially invite you to the next CESEP conference, which aims to bring together scientists, engineers and technologists and intends to provide a forum for discussion on fundamental and technological scientific aspects of carbon applications related to energy storage and environment protection. This conference is expected to stimulate fruitful discussions, new ideas and collaborations between specialists from various domains, including:

  • Advanced carbon materials; novel nanostructured carbons: synthesis and characterisation; simulation and computational methods; in situ and operando studies; demonstrations.
  • Carbon for energy storage and conversion; biomass-based solutions for energy storage and environment protection; supercapacitors; solar energy conversion; fuel cells; carbon in advanced batteries.
  • Carbon for green industries; carbon materials for CO2 conversion; carbon-based catalysts; green chemical applications of carbon.
  • Carbon as a high-performance sorbent; adsorption of gas and liquid phase pollutants; gas separation and gas storage; carbon for water purification and remediation; carbons for removal of emerging pollutants; biochars in water and soil remediation.
  • Carbon for sensing applications; carbon-based sensors and biosensors; biological and health-related applications of carbons.

We look forward to receiving your abstract ( 

The Organizing Committee

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