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16–19 September 2019, Warsaw, Poland
EMRS 2019 Fall Meeting - Symposium M "Metal Oxide- and Oxyhydride-based Nanomaterials for Energy and Environment-related Applications"

The organising committee warmly invites students, researchers and industry to the EMRS symposium on metal oxide- and oxyhydride-based nanomaterials for energy and environment-related applications, which will be held from 16 to 19 September 2019 at Warsaw University of Technology. This symposium aims to give scientists from around the world an opportunity to engage and network with peers, research leaders and industry in the field of advanced materials. Specifically the symposium will provide a forum to discuss all aspects of metal oxides and oxyhydrides, with a special focus on applications of these materials in energy and environment. Symposium updates will appear on webpage:

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