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“Emergency Medicine” includes a lot of different specialties devoted to the medical and surgical care of emergency conditions. For this reason, “Emergency Medicine” represents a new network of clinical expertise and not clinical skills devoted to the treatment of the patients evaluated in emergency at prehospital aid, the emergency department, or intrahospital stay.

A limitation of the literature on emergency medicine is the extreme difficulty associated with performing comparative studies, especially randomized control trials. In effect, it is exceedingly difficult to enroll patients during an emergency. The consequence of this is a lack of robust evidence on this topic.  

In some cases, patients quickly need multidisciplinary management and strict cooperation between physicians, nurses. and paramedics. In emergencies, a critical condition or heterogeneity of clinical signs and symptoms can represent a real challenge in common clinical practice. For these reasons, new evidence is needed to support the clinical choice in the different steps of emergency management. Articles in this Section may report new data and results for future clinical practice guidelines or statements.

In “Emergency Medicine”, the training and retraining of physicians, nurses, and paramedics is an extremely important step, and simulation is a landmark of this phase. For this reason, it is pivotal to diffuse novel findings and state-of-the-art knowledge devoted to “Emergency Medicine” during prehospital aid, at the emergency department, or during an intrahospital stay. The aim of simulation is a reduction in errors related to clinical and not clinical skills, so the suggestion of new courses and the publication of their results are particularly important to improve quality and support the diffusion of these courses.

The aim of this Section is to support the diffusion on new clinical data, protocol, guidelines, or high-quality reviews on “Emergency Medicine” in prehospital aid, the emergency department, or intrahospital stay.


  • emergency medicine
  • critical care
  • emergency surgery
  • trauma
  • prehospital aid-emergency department

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