19–23 September 2021, Loutraki, Greece
The 13th International Congress on Extremophiles (Extremophiles2021)

The Organizers, the International Society for Extremophiles, and the Hellenic National Initiative “Mikrobiokosmos” are pleased to announce the 13th International Congress on Extremophiles (Extremophiles2021). The venue will be held at the Club Hotel Casino Loutraki ( from the 19th to 23rd of September, 2021, in Loutraki (80 km from Athens, GREECE).
The Extremophiles2021 Congress, aims to bring into light all recent updates of basic and applied research on “life in extreme environments”. As a result, the program will include sessions in many aspects of “extremophilic research” including, among others, origin of life, ecology, astrobiology, molecular biology, physiology and biotechnology, as well as a special workshop on Mikrobiokosmos (the Hellenic Initiative for Microbial Diversity).

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