1–4 September 2020, Krakow, Poland
6th international conference on biohydrology

BioHydrology 2020 is the 6th international conference on biohydrology, after those of Prague (2006), Bratislava (2009), Landau (2013), Almeria (2016) and Valencia (2019). The aim of the BioHydrology conference is to provide a forum to share knowledge and networking any topic related to the interactions between biotic systems and hydrology.

The Conference aims to gather scientists and practitioners dealing with issues in the field of hydrology, biohydrology and engineering in natural and anthropogenic areas, as well as other disciplines related to Earth Science.

The topics of the conference will include all issues connected with water balance between atmosphere-plant-soil.

We hope the Conference will provide an excellent opportunity to present research results and to discuss current trends in hydrology, as well as to create a platform for exchanging experiences at the interface between theory and practice. A rich agenda will be added to the field session.

In particular:

the role of rainfall in the water cycle
the effect of vegetation on soil water erosion
the role of fires in the water cycle
irrigation of nurseries and artificial crops
the importance of water for plant physiology
the effect of vegetation on the quality of water
water in soil
technology and mechanization improving water circulation and increasing retention of habitats

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