Travel Award

Dear Colleagues,

On behalf of the Evaluation Committee, I am pleased to announce the winners of the 2019 Journal of Intelligence Travel Award.

The awards are granted to the following two winners from the 2019 International Meeting of the Psychometric Society (IMPS) and from Journal of Intelligence applications respectively.

Joost Kruis, a PhD student at University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Eduardo Garcia-Garzon, a PhD student at Autonomous University of Madrid, Spain.

Both of them will present their work at the 2019 International Meeting of the Psychometric Society (IMPS) which will be held in Santiago (Chile) on 14–19 July 2019, and submit a paper to Journal of Intelligence. The award consists of 1000 Swiss Francs.

I would like to thank all candidates for their excellent applications and the IMPS committee for organizing the applications of the travel award. Congratulate the winners for their accomplishments.

Prof. Dr. Paul De Boeck

J. Intell. 2019 Travel Award
Past Winners


Tommaso Feraco
Department of General Psychology, University of Padova, Italy
Eleni Kazali
Hellenic Open University, Greece

Award Committee

Prof. Andrew Conway Chairman
Prof. Matthias Ziegler
Humboldt Universität zu Berlin
Prof. Gizem Hülür


Eduardo Garcia Garzon
Universidad Autónoma de Madrid


Dr Delia Fuhrmann
MRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit, University of Cambridge
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