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This section focuses on original and new research work at the interface between communications technologies and information technologies. Historically, advancements in information technologies have followed a trajectory that has been parallel to advancements in communication technologies. Regardless of the application, information, in its various forms, must be delivered quickly, reliably, and securely between sources and recipients. Moreover, recent advancements in computing, such as cloud and fog computing, are tearing down the boundaries between applications and communication technologies, allowing networks to analyze traffic flows to optimize the communication services being provided to applications. From this perspective, papers submitted to this section should have a strong perspective on the relationship between communication technologies and information systems. While theoretically oriented papers are welcome, strong papers will aim to tie the research to applications and how information technologies utilize communication technologies. The scope of the work considered in this section is broad and interdisciplinary, and should include in-depth analyses, simulations, or experimental evaluations to validate the research results.

Specific subfields covered by this section include the age of information, communication theory, communications protocols, cross-layer designs, big data, data storage (particularly in network storage), Internet of Things, communication QoS and reliability, communication services, multimedia networking, communication and information security, in-network computing, cloud computing and fog computing for communications and information technologies, privacy-enhanced communications, and wireless communications. Other topics are welcome, but should clearly exhibit a connection to information and communications technologies.

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