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24–27 February 2020, Nassau, Bahamas
2nd Nuclear Receptors Conference

Nuclear Receptors are, physiologically and pharmacologically, a critical superfamily of transcription factors. They drive key processes at every stage from development and reproduction to ageing and cancer. They are critical determinants of everyday health via their roles in metabolism and circadian rhythms. Nuclear receptors allow external factors to influence cellular pathways and the fact that many bind and are activated by small molecules means they represent highly druggable targets; currently, 13% of FDA-approved drugs target nuclear receptors. The meeting aims to address the new roles and novel crosstalk mechanisms that are emerging for many of the 48 human nuclear receptors, in health and disease.
Please visit the conference webpage for the full speaker list and talk titles.

Call for abstracts
Talk Submission 08 November 2019
Registration Closes 20 December 2019


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