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Genealogy runs special issues to create collections of papers on specific topics. The aim is to build a community of authors and readers to discuss the latest research and develop new ideas and research directions. Special Issues are led by Guest Editors who are experts in the subject and oversee the editorial process for papers. Papers published in a Special Issue will be collected together on a dedicated page of the journal website. For any inquiries related to a Special Issue, please contact the Editorial Office.

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Retrospectives on Child Slavery in Africa submission deadline 30 Sep 2023 | 1 articles | Viewed by 1720 | Submission Open
Keywords: child/ren; slave/ry; history; forced labor; coerced labor; Africa
Family Names: Origins, History, Anthropology and Sociology submission deadline 30 Sep 2023 | 1 articles | Viewed by 1205 | Submission Open
Keywords: onomastics; anthroponomastics; anthroponymy; family names; surnames
(This special issue belongs to the Section Family History)
Folklore of Africa/African Diaspora
edited by
submission deadline 30 Sep 2023 | Viewed by 453 | Submission Open
(This special issue belongs to the Section Genealogical Communities: Community History, Myths, Cultures)
Transnational and/or Transracial Adoption and Life Narratives
edited by and
submission deadline 1 Oct 2023 | 1 articles | Viewed by 2322 | Submission Open
Keywords: transnational and/or transracial adoption and its related topics; life narratives; identity; alienation; otherness; kinship; search narratives; closed adoptions; gender roles; multiculturalism; challenges to the heteronormative family; activism; global systems of inequality; memoirs and multimodality
Contesting Power: Race, Ethnicity, and Self-Representations in Global Perspectives
edited by Sarah Griffith and
submission deadline 15 Oct 2023 | Viewed by 480 | Submission Open
Keywords: ethnic formations; refugee migration; forced migration; ethnic representations; mixed race studies; multinational ethnic relations; African American studies; diaspora/diasporic resistance; post-modern/critical theory; colonial/post-colonial theory
Origin and History of Family through Genetics
edited by Sara Palomo-Díez
submission deadline 22 Oct 2023 | Viewed by 123 | Submission Open
Keywords: kinship; family; ancient DNA; autosomal DNA; mitochondrial DNA; Y chromosome; X chromosome; archaeology
Decolonizing East African Genealogies of Power
edited by and Eyob Balcha Gebremariam
submission deadline 30 Oct 2023 | Viewed by 501 | Submission Open
Keywords: East Africa; decolonization; indigenous; nature; coloniality; ethnicism; nationalism; geopolitics; Indian Ocean; security
Why Race Matters: The Legacies and Presentation of Race Relations in American History submission deadline 31 Oct 2023 | 6 articles | Viewed by 16928 | Submission Open
Keywords: Race Relations; Racism; U.S. History
Current Trends and Topics in Jewish Genealogy submission deadline 1 Nov 2023 | 1 articles | Viewed by 4095 | Submission Open
Keywords: Jewish genealogy; metrical data; rabbinical sources; social media; new worldwide documentation; demography and migration; Ashkenazy and Sephardim names; corrected deportation lists; family names; Lisbon US Embassy records; Damascus Jews
Race, Place and Justice submission deadline 30 Nov 2023 | 5 articles | Viewed by 13107 | Submission Open
Keywords: rac(ism); class; gender; criminal justice; disability; place; space; Black; South Asian
Liberating Gender and Race from Coloniality’s Prescriptive Normativity
edited by and Willie Tolliver
submission deadline 30 Nov 2023 | Viewed by 184 | Submission Open
Keywords: race; gender; settler colonialism; ideologies of dominance; oppression; resistance
Indigenous Auto/Biographies: Musings in Histories, Contemporalities and Futurisms submission deadline 10 Dec 2023 | 1 articles | Viewed by 2401 | Submission Open
Keywords: indigenous; Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples; first nations; identity; representation; cultural currency; activism; storytelling; genealogy; kinship; community; futures
(This special issue belongs to the Section Biographies)
Heraldry in South Eastern Europe
edited by and
submission deadline 15 Dec 2023 | 4 articles | Viewed by 11925 | Submission Open
Keywords: heraldry; Coat of Arms
(This special issue belongs to the Section Genealogical Communities: Community History, Myths, Cultures)
The Balkans in Heraldry—Emergence, Development, Future
edited by
submission deadline 15 Dec 2023 | 1 articles | Viewed by 1118 | Submission Open
Keywords: macedonian heraldry
(This special issue belongs to the Section Genealogical Communities: Community History, Myths, Cultures)
Native/Indigenous Family Studies in the Americas
edited by and Brittani R. Orona
submission deadline 31 Dec 2023 | Viewed by 257 | Submission Open
Keywords: family/tribal history; pretendians; family lore; queer; two spirit; genetic testing; more-than-humans or non-humans; native ancestors; non-federal recognition; tribal sovereignty; settler colonialism; native adoption; California Indian; indigenous/native family methodologies
(This special issue belongs to the Section Family History)
Wartime Ephemera and the Transmission of Diverse Family and Community Histories submission deadline 15 Jan 2024 | Viewed by 375 | Submission Open
Keywords: family history; war; ephemera; memory; marginalized histories
(This special issue belongs to the Section Family History)
Racialization, Racial /Ethnic Identity, and the Integration of Immigrants
edited by Secil Erdogan Ertorer
submission deadline 31 Jan 2024 | Viewed by 428 | Submission Open
Keywords: racial identity; ethnic identity; racialization; immigrant integration; immigrant identity; identity formation; racism; exclusion; sense of belonging
Tracking Asian Diasporic Experiences
edited by
submission deadline 31 Jan 2024 | Viewed by 279 | Submission Open
Keywords: Asians; diaspora; diasporic experience; historical; contemporary; understudied Asian diasporas; genealogy; family lineage; family histories; family relations
The Manifestation and Contestation of White Privilege in Multiracial Families
edited by Chandra D.L. Waring
submission deadline 31 Jan 2024 | Viewed by 116 | Submission Open
Keywords: multiracial/mixed; white privilege; race; families
Haudenosaunee Language, Culture, and Communities in the 21st Century, and Beyond
edited by Rick Monture
submission deadline 12 Feb 2024 | Viewed by 43 | Submission Open
Keywords: haudenosaunee oral traditions; language; culture; environment
Ethics and Family History: Challenges, Dilemmas and Responsibilities
edited by
submission deadline 15 Feb 2024 | Viewed by 1102 | Submission Open
Keywords: ethics and family history; ethics and genetic genealogy; family secrets; data privacy; ethical responsibilities to the living and dead
(This special issue belongs to the Section Family History)
Indigenous Well-Being: Connecting to Country and Culture
edited by Fabri Blacklock and Lynette Riley
submission deadline 29 Feb 2024 | Viewed by 48 | Submission Open
Keywords: Indigenous well-being; connection to country and culture; art and well-being; social; emotional and cultural well-being; Indigenous thriving; Indigenous standpoint; deep listening; Indigenous artistic practice; self determination; Indigenous ways of doing; knowing; being
Family, Generation and Change in the Context of Crisis
edited by Lidewyde Berckmoes and Carola Tize
submission deadline 1 Mar 2024 | Viewed by 58 | Submission Open
Keywords: generation; intergenerational relations; family; crisis; war; climate change; polycrisis; social change; sociality; care
Colonial Intimacies: Families and Family Life in the British Empire
edited by
submission deadline 15 Mar 2024 | Viewed by 167 | Submission Open
Keywords: family history; British Empire; intimacy; affectivity; childhood; colonialism
(This special issue belongs to the Section Family History)
Challenges in Multicultural Marriages and Families
edited by Pan Wang
submission deadline 20 Mar 2024 | 1 articles | Viewed by 513 | Submission Open
Keywords: challenge; multicultural marriage and family; mixed marriage and family; intercultural marriage and family; race; ethnicity; multiculturalism; multiethnicity; multiracialism; transnationalism; intimate relationships; cross-border migration
Representation and Environmental Justice: Exploring Marginalization, Resistance and Empowerment in Environmental Representations of and from the Periphery
edited by Radhika Borde, Johanna Ennser-Kananen and Deniz Ortactepe Hart
submission deadline 31 Mar 2024 | Viewed by 1117 | Submission Open
Keywords: environmental justice; representation; marginalization; empowerment; resistance; postcolonial critiques; equity; rights; traditional ecological knowledge; environmental movements/struggles
Politics of Heritage Values: How Archaeologists Deal With Place, Social Memories, Identities, and Socio-Economics
edited by Jessica Christie
submission deadline 15 Apr 2024 | Viewed by 83 | Submission Open
Keywords: identities; land rights; old and new worlds
Indigenous Issues in Education
edited by Torjer Olsen
submission deadline 30 Apr 2024 | 1 articles | Viewed by 1357 | Submission Open
Keywords: indigenous education; languages; multilingual; decolonization; indigenization
Mobilities and Precarities
edited by Rimple Mehta and Melissa Phillips
submission deadline 30 Apr 2024 | Viewed by 469 | Submission Open
Keywords: migration; displacement; precarity; borders
Post-COVID Politics of Displacement: Marginalization, Precarity and Identity
edited by Burcu Akan Ellis
submission deadline 30 Apr 2024 | Viewed by 193 | Submission Open
Keywords: international migration; displacement politics; refugees; asylum-seekers; gender and migration; intersectionality; identity politics; post-COVID; unaccompanied youth and children; technology and immigration; border politics; restrictive immigration; vulnerability; precarity; resilience; critical security; human security
Seeing Ethnicity Otherwise: From History, Classification and Terminology to Identities, Health and Mixedness in the Work of Peter J. Aspinall
edited by Zarine L. Rocha, Chamion Caballero and Brenda Saw Ai Yeoh
submission deadline 30 Apr 2024 | Viewed by 185 | Submission Open
Keywords: Peter J. Aspinall; ethnicity; race; classification; health; identity; mixedness; terminology; census
Racism, Nationalism, and the Impact on Intermarriage and Mixed Families
edited by
submission deadline 15 May 2024 | Viewed by 298 | Submission Open
Keywords: mixedness; intermarriage; interracial/inter-ethnic couples; interracial sex
The Health and Wellbeing of Indigenous Peoples
edited by Regina Idoate
submission deadline 15 May 2024 | Viewed by 40 | Submission Open
Keywords: indigenous peoples; indigenous health; indigenous health research; indigenous health professions workforce; indigenous wellbeing
Africana Families and Kinship Formations in the Diaspora
edited by Sureshi M. Jayawardene and Serie McDougal
submission deadline 31 May 2024 | Viewed by 488 | Submission Open
Keywords: Africana families; Afrodiasporic families; Africana kinship in diaspora
Decolonial (and Anti-Colonial) Interventions to Genealogy
edited by Liana MacDonald and Lana Lopesi
submission deadline 1 Jun 2024 | Viewed by 94 | Submission Open
Keywords: decolonial; indigenizing; decolonizing methodologies and interventions; indigenous knowledge; histories and epistemologies; collective memory and histories of place; more-than-human environments
Shifting Structural Power and Advancing Transformational Changes Among Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC): Elevating the Voices of the Community
edited by Alma Trinidad, Ethel G. Nicdao and Aileen Alfonso Duldulao
submission deadline 30 Jun 2024 | Viewed by 491 | Submission Open
Keywords: community; power; transformation; structural change; BIPOC; immigrants; refugees
Forced Migration: New Trajectories, Challenges and Best Practices submission deadline 25 Sep 2025 | Viewed by 635 | Submission Open
Keywords: forced migration/forced migrants; refugees; asylum seekers; migration policy; trauma; securitization frameworks; global compact on safe; regular and orderly migration; global compact on refugees; evidence-based practices with forced migrants; mental health; human rights
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