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Genealogies and Commons
(Editors: Martin Fredriksson, Johanna Dahlin)
Foucault Genealogy 1 Aug 2019
“Stad is éisd ri guth bho’n uaigh” [Stop and listen to a voice from the grave]: The Deathways and Deathscapes of Canada’s 18th- and 19th-Century Scottish Gaels
(Editors: Laurie Stanley-Blackwell, Michael Linkletter, John D. Blackwell, Elise M. Ciregna)
1 Feb 2020
A British Childhood? Some Historical Reflections on Continuities and Discontinuities in the Culture of Anglophone Childhood
(Editor: Pam Jarvis)
6 May 2019
Adoption Experiences and the Tracing and Narration of Family Genealogies
(Editor: Derek Kirton)
31 Jul 2018 9
Beyond Foucault: Excursions in Political Genealogy Printed Edition available
(Editor: Michael Clifford)
1 Jun 2018 10
Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic, Children Young People and Their Families in and against the Youth (Criminal) Justice System
(Editors: John Wainwright, Beverley Burke)
28 Feb 2020
Children and Childhood through A Genealogical Lens
(Editor: Sarah Richards)
15 Aug 2019 1
Community-engaged Indigenous Research Across the Globe
(Editors: Michelle Johnson-Jennings, Shanondora Billiot)
1 Nov 2019
Cultural Trauma and Mediated Catastrophe
(Editor: Allen Meek)
1 Aug 2019
Decolonizing Ways of Knowing: Heritage, Living Communities, and Indigenous Understandings of Place
(Editors: Antoinette Jackson, Rachel Breunlin)
15 Dec 2018 1
Familial Naming Practices
(Editors: Duane Roen, Sherry Rankins-Robertson)
1 Apr 2019 2
Fathers and Forefathers: Men and Their Children in Genealogical Perspective
(Editor: Martin Robb)
15 Oct 2019 2
Feminist Genealogies: Specific Political Intersections
(Editors: Mandy Morgan, Robbie Busch, Leigh Coombes, Ann Rogerson)
1 Feb 2019 7
For God and Country: Essays on Religion and Nationalism
(Editor: Peter C. Mentzel)
1 Oct 2019 1
Gender’s Influence on Genealogy Narratives
(Editor: Amy M. Smith)
1 May 2017 7
Genealogies of Inequality: Transnational Adoption and Kinship in the Era of Globalisation
(Editor: Riitta Högbacka)
1 Sep 2019
Genealogies of Terror: Histories of the Present
(Editor: Michael Blain)
15 Jul 2019
Genealogy and Critical Family History
(Editor: Christine E. Sleeter)
1 Feb 2020
Genealogy and Immigration
(Editor: Thomas Daniel Knight)
15 Dec 2019 3
Genealogy and Multiracial Family Histories
(Editors: G. Reginald Daniel, Jasmine Kelekay, Joseph Loe-Sterphone, Alyssa Newman)
15 Jun 2018 5
Genealogy The Holocaust in Contemporary Popular Culture
(Editor: Christine Berberich)
1 Sep 2019
Global Black Movements
(Editor: Nigel Westmaas)
30 Jun 2019 2
Heraldry and Coats of Arms
(Editor: Bruce Durie)
15 Oct 2018 6
Immigrant Detention/Deportation and Family Separations
(Editor: Christina L. Sisk)
1 Dec 2019
Indigenous Perspectives on Genealogical Research
(Editors: Tahu Kukutai, Nepia Mahuika)
31 May 2019 1
Intergenerational Trauma and Healing
(Editors: Beth Rose Middleton, Melissa Moreno, Melissa Leal)
19 Oct 2018 6
Nations in Time: Genealogy, History and the Narration of Time
(Editor: Atsuko Ichijo)
15 Jul 2018 5
New Directions in Latinx/Latin American Philosophy
(Editor: Carlos Alberto Sánchez)
1 Oct 2019
New Perspectives on Nationalism in Spain
(Editors: Carsten Jacob Humlebæk, Antonia María Ruiz Jiménez)
1 Nov 2019
Poverty, Welfare and the Family in C18th and 19th Britain
(Editors: Alysa Levene, Steven King)
1 Jul 2019
Reimagining ‘Childhood, Motherhood, Family and Community’
(Editors: Jayne Osgood, Allison Sterling Henward)
30 Sep 2019
Salem Witch Trials: Hysteria, Broomsticks, and Genealogy
(Editor: Amy M. Smith)
1 Aug 2019
Sankofa; or ‘Go Back and Fetch it’: Merging Genealogy and Africana Studies
(Editors: Kameelah L. Martin, Elizabeth J. West)
15 Dec 2017 6
Transnationalism and Genealogy
(Editor: Philip Q. Yang)
31 Jan 2019 3
What is Genealogy?
(Editor: Philip Kretsedemas)
1 Nov 2016 8
What’s Your “Street Race?” Cartographies and Ontologies of “Race” and the Future of Knowledge Production on Inequality, Resistance and Social Justice
(Editors: Nancy López, J.E. Jamal Martín, Jeffrey Long)
15 Mar 2020
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