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A section of Fractal and Fractional (ISSN 2504-3110).

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General Mathematics, Analysis is a Section of the journal Fractal and Fractional, which publishes advanced theoretical articles and practical applications on the topic of general fractional calculus, fractional-order derivatives and integrals, mathematical analysis, and their applications.

The subject of fractional-order differential and integral operators has gained considerable popularity, interest and importance, due mainly to its demonstrated applications to many real-world phenomena studying in physics, mechanics, chemistry, engineering, finance, etc. The basic ideas and methods of fractional calculus are well-established topics and basic tools in the theory and applications of numerous differential and integral equations. The main focus of the Section is to present the improvement, extensions, and generalizations of the classical mathematical analysis related to the main scope of the journal with specific interest to applications.

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  • Foundations of fractional analysis
  • Fractional-order derivatives and integrals
  • Fractional transforms
  • Special functions
  • Linear and nonlinear fractional analysis
  • Fractional integral inequalities
  • Fractional differential inequalities
  • Fractional continuous models
  • Fractional piecewise continuous models
  • Dynamical systems based on fractional calculus
  • Fractional differential equations
  • Fractional integral equations
  • Fractional functional–differential equations
  • Fractional partial differential equations
  • Fractional analysis applications
  • Numerical analysis

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