Forest Biodiversity

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Forest Biodiversity is a Section of the open-access peer-reviewed journal Forests that publishes articles on the unique biological diversity, status, and conservation of forests worldwide. Intact and primary forests harbor over half the estimated terrestrial biodiversity on the planet, and provide unique levels of ecosystem services. In places, intact and primary forests no longer exist and rewilding and restoration approaches are necessary to recover imperiled forest biodiversity and degraded ecosystem services. This section will solicit articles on conservation biology approaches that address the biological diversity, status, and importance of forests of all types, serving as a bridge between science and policy for solving the global biodiversity and climate crises impacting forests and people. The primary focus will be on forest ecosystems (importance, status, conservation needs), the biodiversity within them (across scales), and the interactions among forest species, forest ecosystems, and their altered surroundings.


  • anthropogenic stressors
  • biological diversity
  • climate change
  • complex early seral forests
  • old forest conservation
  • conservation biology
  • deforestation
  • forest degradation
  • forest management
  • intact forests
  • mature forests
  • policy
  • primary forests
  • protected areas
  • restoration
  • rewilding
  • road building
  • timber harvest
  • tree richness

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