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21–22 June 2022, Online
New Generation Photovoltaics for Space (PVSPACE 2022)

You are invited to participate in the Online Conference on New Generation Photovoltaics for Space (PVSPACE) from the 21st to the 22nd of June 2022.

Compared with the terrestrial environment, the cosmic space environment is very harsh. Space is characterized by an ultra-high vacuum, extreme temperatures, and exposure to several highly energy charged particles and rays. In line with the fast-growing space economy, a new generation of photovoltaic systems—e.g., perovskite solar cells and multi-junction thin-film PVs—have shown great potential for competing with conventional PV systems in space applications due to their high efficiency in ultra-low-cost devices, low energy payback time, solution process, roll-to-roll fabrication, high specific power, and intrinsic stability against high-energy particles and rays.

The scope of this conference is to gather international experts on new-generation photovoltaics such as perovskite or organic PV or experts on both new-generation and conventional PV to gain a fresh perspective on the development of the field and to define new opportunities for the use of new-generation PV in space applications. From space applications, we consider not only those which are available nowadays, such as satellite powering, but also new space developments such as extraterrestrial bases, deployable flexible PV arrays, inflatable solar cells, etc. The conference will also focus on space-relevant tests of new PV technologies as well as providing the first experimental demonstration of the space environment.


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