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European Journal of Investigation in Health, Psychology and Education runs special issues to create collections of papers on specific topics. The aim is to build a community of authors and readers to discuss the latest research and develop new ideas and research directions. Special Issues are led by Guest Editors who are experts in the subject and oversee the editorial process for papers. Papers published in a Special Issue will be collected together on a dedicated page of the journal website. For any inquiries related to a Special Issue, please contact the Editorial Office.

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Schools Educating for Sustainability: Proposals for and from In-Service Teacher Education
edited by , Ana Isabel Andrade and Patrícia Sá
submission deadline 31 Jan 2022 | Viewed by 300
Keywords: education for sustainability; teacher education; European EduS framework
New Trends and Perspectives for the Positive Use of ICT in Education submission deadline 31 Jan 2022 | 3 articles | Viewed by 3707
Keywords: ICT; education; media education; teachers; students; pedagogy; chance paradigm; new software; new hardware; increasing efficiency; new trends; pedagogical innovations; non-standard solutions; international cooperation; technology transfer in the education sector; new media psychology; educational policy; digital literacy; VR; AR; digital maturity
Frontiers in NeuroPhysiology of Stress
edited by Marion Trousselard
submission deadline 31 Jan 2022 | 2 articles | Viewed by 1405
Keywords: stress; biomarker; allostatic load; risk factors; stress management; health; vulnerability; resilience; enaction; body
Fitness Status and Quality of Life during and Post- COVID-19 Pandemic in Different Populations submission deadline 1 Feb 2022 | 3 articles | Viewed by 3206
Keywords: coronavirus; pandemic; physical exercise; physically inactivity; health status; physical fitness; HRQoL
Urban Psychology: Cognition of and Interaction with Urban Environments through Narratives submission deadline 1 Feb 2022 | Viewed by 427
Keywords: impacts of the urban environment/urbanization on psychological and physical health and well-being; place attachment in an age of mobility; psycholinguistics; sociolinguistics; urban life satisfaction; understanding of modern cities in connection with positive psychology; cognitive science; cognitive cities; urban living; urban dynamics; urban psychology; sustainable urban development; resilience in an urban environment; urban narratives; architecture; urban experience; phenomenology
Safety Training Effectiveness: A Research Agenda submission deadline 28 Feb 2022 | 3 articles | Viewed by 3889
Keywords: safety; health; training effectiveness; training methods; evaluation; prevention; workplace training; occupational safety and health; safe behavior; safety performance
Methodological Contributions to Educational Research on the Formation of Social Thought submission deadline 28 Feb 2022 | 3 articles | Viewed by 4374
Keywords: methodological bases in social science education; formation of social thought; education for democratic citizenship
AI and Blockchain as New Trigger in the Education Arena
edited by , Sónia P. Gonçalves, and
submission deadline 28 Feb 2022 | 3 articles | Viewed by 4643
Keywords: AI in education; Blockchain in education; Public policy for AI and Blockchain uses in education; AI and Blockchain impacts in educational actors; Blockchain use in educational management systems; AI and Blockchain use as a new learning methodology; Blockchain trends in education; AI trends in education
New Insights in the Teaching and Learning of Geography
edited by
submission deadline 31 Mar 2022 | 3 articles | Viewed by 2506
Keywords: geography education; spatial thinking; digital media; argumentation; education for sustainable development
Strategies for Coping with Daily Stress and Related Educational and Psychosocial Factors submission deadline 31 Mar 2022 | 8 articles | Viewed by 8891
Keywords: environment; daily stress; coping strategies; adjustment; adaptation; assessment; development; context; cultural influence; educational and psychosocial factors
Sedentary Behaviour as an Risk Factor for Chronic Disease
edited by
submission deadline 31 Mar 2022 | 1 articles | Viewed by 736
Keywords: frailty; sarcopenia: Covid-19; exercise training; adherence; physical activity; disease management; sedentary behavior; chronic disease; health-related quality of life; mortality; morbidity; environment; apathy; cost-effectiveness; cognitive function
Psycholinguistics of Second Language Acquisition: New Trends and Current Approaches submission deadline 30 Apr 2022 | 4 articles | Viewed by 3747
Keywords: Second language acquisition; Second language learning; Young learners vs. older learners; Cognitive processes and second language acquisition; Positive psychology and second language learning; Cognitive linguistics; Psycholinguistics; English as a foreign language; Cognitive science; Learning psychology
Active or Healthy Ageing
edited by
submission deadline 30 Apr 2022 | 2 articles | Viewed by 2260
Keywords: Health; Physical activity; Ageing in place; Public health; Quality of life; Walkability; Social participation; Social support
Health Sciences before, during and after the COVID-19 Pandemic submission deadline 30 Apr 2022 | 1 articles | Viewed by 899
Keywords: medical teaching; medical education; clinical medicine; burnout; anxiety; depression; modern methods of teaching; COVID-19; SARS-CoV-2; pandemic
Application of STEM Subjects in Different Disciplines: Use of Data Mining and Artificial Intelligence Techniques
edited by and Miguel Ángel Queiruga Dios
submission deadline 30 Apr 2022 | Viewed by 669
Keywords: STEM; artificial intelligence; data mining; learning; different disciplines
Current and Emerging Aspects of Cybersexuality submission deadline 10 May 2022 | 2 articles | Viewed by 2885
Keywords: technology-mediated sexual interactions; sexting; cybersex; haptic sex; digisexuality; online sexual activities; cybersexuality
Silence and Speech as Psychology of Learning
edited by and Seiko Harumi
submission deadline 31 May 2022 | Viewed by 167
Keywords: silence; silent learning; silent learner; reflective learner; psychology of learning; silent and verbal learning; inner speech
Variables Related to Well-Being in Adolescence submission deadline 31 May 2022 | 3 articles | Viewed by 1450
Keywords: integral development; well-being; adolescence
Advances in Health Psychology: Theories, Methods and Applications
edited by Rute F. Meneses and Anna Rita Giovagnoli
submission deadline 31 May 2022 | Viewed by 27
Keywords: positive psychology; community psychology; health promotion; disease prevention; behavior; lifestyle and health; technology and health; psychopathology; leisure and health; health and disease throughout a lifespan; complementary and alternative medicine; health communication; healthcare teams; health and the environment; sustainable development goals; sexual health; spiritual health and well-being; psychological assessment in health settings
Positive Resources to Promote Well Being in Educational and Work Contexts and in Career Trajectories submission deadline 30 Jun 2022 | 17 articles | Viewed by 19260
Keywords: educational well-being; well-being at work; academic satisfaction; job satisfaction; career counselling; career education; positive resources; career transitions; aspirations; social inequalities in career paths; psychosocial vulnerabilities; flourishing; life satisfaction
Body Image Perception and Body Composition in Different Populations: The Role of Physical Education and Sport
edited by
submission deadline 30 Jun 2022 | 2 articles | Viewed by 1256
Keywords: body image perception; physical activity; physical fitness; physical education; body composition; psychophysical well-being; body size; self-esteem; self-concept; exercise addiction
Impact of Music and Music Therapy on Health and Wellbeing
edited by Annie Heiderscheit
submission deadline 30 Jun 2022 | Viewed by 141
Keywords: music therapy; music; health and wellbeing
Internet Uses in the Current Age: What Changed?
edited by Michal Dolev-Cohen and Meyran Boniel-Nissim
submission deadline 31 Jul 2022 | 4 articles | Viewed by 4693
Keywords: Internet use; COVID-19; Social networks; Smartphone use; Problematic internet use; Online communication; Online learning; Special populations; Psychological aspects; Age and gender differences
Recent Advances in Mathematics Education
edited by and Joanna Mamona-Downs
submission deadline 31 Jul 2022 | 3 articles | Viewed by 2069
Keywords: mathematical learning; smart learning systems; problem solving; problem posing; mathematical modelling; analogical and case-based reasoning; critical thinking; computational thinking; mathematical proof
21st Century Health Communication Challenges: Public Health Emergencies
edited by and Carlos Ruiz-Nuñez
submission deadline 31 Jul 2022 | 3 articles | Viewed by 2564
Keywords: Communication; COVID-19; Disinformation; Emergencies; Fake News; Health; Health emergencies; Health promotion; Infodemic; Misinformation; Public Health; Media; Social Media; Social support
Factors Related to School Coexistence at Different Educational Stages submission deadline 31 Jul 2022 | Viewed by 108
Keywords: coexistence; attention to diversity; coping strategies; stress; bullying; cyberbullying; self-esteem; student; teachers; family; early childhood education; primary education; secondary education; tertiary education; university; prevention
Medical Education: Evaluating Impact of the New Teaching Techniques
edited by
submission deadline 31 Aug 2022 | Viewed by 54
Keywords: medical education simulation learning; teaching techniques
Intercultural Education and Promotion of Sustainability, as an Improvement in Educational Quality, with a Focus on Technological Advancement submission deadline 30 Sep 2022 | 1 articles | Viewed by 1599
Keywords: intercultural education; sustainability; educational quality; technological advancement; smart education; ITC; smart city; COVID-19
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