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Modern dentistry aims to link highly different sciences, such as biology, tissue engineering, materials engineering, and physics, to obtain the best results in dental rehabilitation. Nowadays, materials science should be carefully considered in our everyday dental practice, especially in operative and restorative dentistry, endodontics, prosthetics, and implantology. At the same time, dentists need to learn more about the most recent regenerative and substitutive therapies. Also, aesthetic treatment often needs that biomaterials meet the biological properties of dental tissues to achieve biomimetic results.

The “Dental Materials” section of the journal Dentistry Journal is aimed to stimulate worldwide researchers to diffuse their best studies on dental materials used in various dental applications. The focus of this section strives to disseminate the last progress on composite and polymer materials, biomaterials, surface functionalization, hydrogels, scaffolds, antibiotic-doped materials, biomimetic materials, and other similar topics related to dental materials. The scope of this section is to give an update on the most recent technologies and products and to take a look at the retrospective researches reported by most authoritative authors. We also encourage submissions describing basic research results and clinical outcomes as well as brief and timely reviews.


  • composite materials
  • polymer materials
  • biomaterials
  • surface functionalization
  • hydrogels
  • scaffolds
  • antibiotic-doped materials,
  • biomimetic materials

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