Biomimetic Surfaces and Interfaces

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Nature has evolved numerous surfaces with specific adhesive, frictional, wetting, and photonic properties that, in many instances, far surpass current artificial technology in their range of adaptation and in their multifunctionality. The study of these surfaces in nature requires interdisciplinary research, ranging from biological development, physiology, and ecology to understand their functional principles through biochemistry and physics to understand interactions at the interfaces in biological contexts, and through materials science and engineering in the production of biomimetic surfaces. The field aiming to understand these surfaces is still unfolding the myriad functional surfaces found in the natural world and the ways in which their form produces various functions in parallel with a multiplicity of biological adaptations. This section calls for contributions from all relevant fields and their interfaces with an understanding of the latest discoveries on surface effects in nature and new developments in surface engineering, mimicking the form and function of biological blueprints.

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