Journal History

2016 The inaugural issue was released and Biomimetics was published as a quarterly journal.
2017 Biomimetics established a collaborative relationship with the International Society of Bionic Engineering (ISBE).
2018 Biomimetics commenced the Travel Award project.
Printed edition of the Special Issue "Bioinspired Catechol-Based Systems: Chemistry and Applications" was released.
Biomimetics became affiliated with the EU COST Action CA 15216, European Network of BioAdhesion.
Peer-review process changed from single-blind to open peer-review.
2019 Biomimetics was indexed in PubMed
Biomimetics added 11 new Editorial Board Members
2020 Biomimetics was indexed in Scopus


2016- Founding Editor-in-Chief: Prof. Dr. Josep Samitier 
2020- Associate Editor-in-Cheif: Prof. Dr. Julian Vincent 
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