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20–21 September 2018 Cell and Tissue Mechanics in Physiology and Disease

University of Antwerp, Belgium

Cells and tissues are continuously exposed to a variety of mechanical impulses. It is now becoming more evident that the conversion of these mechanical cues into cellular responses – i.e., mechanotransduction – lies at the heart of a variety of cellular processes including cell division, motility, and differentiation, and it is frequently found dysregulated in disease. Along with the growing notion that mechanotransduction defines cell and tissue response comes a need for alternative cell culture models and interrogation methods. The aim of this conference is to focus on the emerging field of mechanobiology and its highly interdisciplinary nature by providing a forum to distinguished international and national researchers whose combined work covers the continuum of subcellular, cellular and organ(oid) mechanics and the analysis thereof. As the topic bridges the disciplines of cell and developmental biology and microscopy, it makes the perfect substrate for a joint meeting of the respective societies (BSCDB and RBSM). In line with both societies’ tradition, this meeting will also honour Belgium-based PhD-students who have made substantial advances in “cell and developmental biology” as well as “microscopic imaging” research by awarding the BSCDB and RBSM PhD-Excellence Awards.

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