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13–16 August 2013 15th IUPAC International Symposium on MacroMolecular Complexes (MMC-15)

Greenville, South Carolina, USA

Out timely themes for this year’s conference are as follows:
i) Energy Harvesting and Energy Industry;
ii) Sustainability and Green Chemistry;
iii) Biotechnology and Biomedicine; and
iv) Global Health.
These are pressingly important areas where macromolecules play a vital role in transforming our technological landscape for the betterment of human kind. Technical topics may include in the area of energy; superior polyelectrolyte membranes for fuel cells and polymers for low cost high emissive light emitting diodes (OLEDs). In the area of sustainability and green chemistry; polymers for biodegradable packaging and monomers and polymers from biomass sources. In the area of biotechnology and biomedicine; bioactive hydrogels and supramolecular polymer assemblies for targeted drug delivery. In the area of global health; polymer fibers for controlled flow in low cost lateral flow diagnostic devices and polymer membranes for desalination.

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