Reviewer Board

Members of the reviewer board are selected from all Antioxidants reviewers for regularly providing timely high quality reports on submitted manuscripts. Responsibilities of reviewers are available here.


Research Institute for Medicines, Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Lisbon, Lisbon, Portugal
Interests: Neurodegenerative Diseases; post-translational modifications; s-glutathionylation; antioxidant enzymes; glutathione; nrf2; mitochondrial dysfunction; mitochondrial dynamics; neuroinflammation
Department of Neurofarba, University of Florence, Via Ugo Schiff 6, 50019 Sesto Fiorentino, Italy
Interests: extra virgin olive oils; food by-products valorization; pomegranate by-products; volatile compounds; phenolic compounds
The Cellular and Molecular Pathology Research Unit, Oral Pathology and Oral Medicine, School of Dentistry, Faculty of Medicine and Health, The University of Sydney, Sydney, Australia
Interests: myeloperoxidase; neutrophil extracellular traps; inflammatory bowel disease; antioxidants

School of Medicine and Health Sciences, George Washington University, Washington, DC, USA
Interests: mitochondrial metabolism; Mitochondrial genetics; mitochondrial homeostasis and brain development; mitochondrial neurodevelopmental disorders; epigenetic regulation; neurotherapeutics

Department of Biotechnology, Institute of Biology and Biotechnology, University of Rzeszow, Rzeszow, Poland
Interests: proteomics; phenolic compounds; essential oils; secondary metabolites biosynthesis; toxicology; oxidative stress; antioxidant activity; antimicrobial and anticancer activity
Department of Pharmacy, Health and Nutritional Sciences-Department of Excellence 2018-2022, University of Calabria, 87036 Rende (CS), Italy.
Interests: micrornas; GPCRs; Insulin secretion and nutrients sensing; lipids; liposoluble vitamins; biomarker discovery.; Keratinocytes cell biology
Department of Food Science and Technology, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Blacksburg, VA 24061, USA
Interests: polyphenol; calcium; bone; chronic kidney disease; nutrition; food science; polyphenol metabolism; food toxicology; fish; fatty acids; epa; DHA; anthocyanin; blueberry
Eilat Campus, Ben Gurion University of the Negev, Eilat 8855630, Israel
Interests: pharmacology; skin; dermatology; ROS; diabetes; lipid peroxidation; natural compounds; hydroxynonenal; lipid mediators; UVB
Smart Materials, Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia, Via Morego, 30, Genova 16163, Italy
Interests: wound infections; antimicrobial wound dressings; antibiotics; polyphenols

Instituto de Biomedicina de Sevilla (IBiS), Avenida Manuel Siurot, S/N (IBiS/HUVR), 41013 Sevilla, Spain
Interests: hydrolysates; functional food; lupine; atherosclerosis; NAFLD; melatonin; multiples sclerosis; experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis (eae); inflammation; oxidative stress
Responsabile della Sede Secondaria di Catania, Istituto di Chimica Biomolecolare, CNR Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche, Via P. Gaifami 18, 95126 Catania, Italy
Interests: organic synthesis, green chemistry, biocatalysis, antioxidants, waste valorization, natural compounds

Czech Centre for Phenogenomics, Institute of Molecular Genetics of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, Vestec, Czech Republic
Interests: molecular metabolism; intemediary metabolism; obesity; diabetes; glucocorticoid signaling; stress; microRNA, NAD+ metabolism; NAMPT; food intake

1st Department of Critical Care Medicine and Pulmonary Services, School of Medicine, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, 3 Ploutarchou st, Athens, Greece
Interests: complement cascade; kidney injury; glomerulus; heme-oxygenase (HO)-1; decay accelerating factor (DAF); complement regulatory proteins; sepsis; covid-19; heme; metalloporphyrins

Department of Physiology and Pharmacology “V. Erspamer”, Sapienza University of Rome, P.le Aldo Moro 5, 00185 Rome, Italy
Interests: multidrug resistance; ABC-transporters; medicinal plants; antioxidant activities; hepatocellular carcinoma; caryophyllane sesquiterpenes; cannabinoids; endocannabinoid system; anticancer drugs; phytovigilance

Unit of Cellular and Molecular Pharmacology and Toxicology, Department of Internal Medicine and Therapeutics, University of Pavia, 27100 Pavia, Italy
Interests: liver; ischemia/reperfusion; NAFLD; NASH; HepG2; Huh 7; MCD; zucker; FXR; mGluR5; liver failure

Food Science and Technology Unit, Department of Soil, Plant and Food Sciences (DiSSPA), University of Bari Aldo Moro, Bari, Italy
Interests: antioxidants; polyphenols; natural antimicrobials; mass spectrometry; shelf-life

Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Szechenyi Istvan University, H-9026 Gyor, Hungary
Interests: polymer technology; materials manufacture; Materials Processing; biopolymers
Institute of Pharmacology and Toxicology, Paracelsus Medical University, Salzburg, Austria
Interests: ion channels; ion transporters; hearing loss; toxins; Jellyfish; oxidative stress; pendred syndrome

Laboratory of Neuroendocrinology, I.P. Pavlov Institute of Physiology RAS, 6 Emb. Makarova, 199034 Saint Petersburg, Russia
Interests: depression, anxiety, brain, behavior, estrogens, PTSD, monoamines, Vitamin D
Pathology Department, Complejo Asistencial Universitario de Salamanca, 37007 Salamanca, Spain
Interests: sensory corpuscles; peripheral nervous system; Dermatopathology; digestive pathology; Medicine

Department of Preventive Medicine and Public Health, University of Navarra, 31008 Pamplona, Spain
Interests: nutritional epidemiology; Mediterranean diet; carbohydrate quality; metabolic syndrome; public health
Dipartimento di Gestione dei Sistemi Agrari, Alimentari e Forestali, University of Florence, Via Donizetti, 6, 50144 Firenze, Italy
Interests: food; beverages; wine; virgin olive oil; by-products; waste; phenols; antioxidant compounds; enzymes

Department of Immunology, Medical University of Warsaw, 02-097 Warsaw, Poland
Interests: apoptosis; drug resistance; autophagy; Lysosomes; lysosomal membrane permeabilization; lysosomotropic agents

Department of Agro-Food Technology, Miguel Hernández University, Ctra. Beniel, km. 3.2, 03.312 Orihuela (Alicante), Spain
Interests: food chemistry; polyphenols; plant extracts; bioactive compounds stability; antioxidant activity; food ingredients interactions; fermentation; probiotics; food additives and flavourings; effect of processing on food components
Department of Chemistry and Industrial Chemistry, University of Pisa, 56124 Pisa, Italy
Interests: catalysis; biomass conversion; hydrogenation; green chemistry; microwave; antioxidant; biofuels; flow reactor; response surface methodology; esterification; hydrolysis; heterogenous catalysis; 5-hydroxymethylfurfural; levulinates
Department of Cancer Biology, College of Medicine and Life Sciences, ​University of Toledo Health Science Campus, Toledo, ​OH, USA
Interests: nitric oxide; S-nitrosylation; arginine; polyamine; breast cancer; macrophages; immunotherapy
Chester Medical School, University of Chester, Chester CH1 4BJ, UK
Interests: musculoskeletal; pregnancy; maternal fetal health; placenta; antioxidants; inflammation
Department of Veterinary Sciences, University of Torino, Largo Paolo Braccini 2, Grugliasco, 10095 Torino, Piemonte, Italy
Interests: veterinary toxicology; food safety; chemical contaminants; drug metabolizing enzymes; antioxidants; livestock; ruminants; genomics

Department of Microbiology and Biomonitoring, University of Agriculture in Krakow, Al. Mickiewicza 21, 31-120 Kraków, Poland
Interests: legumes; bioremediation of soil; biological protection against pests; aphids and their natural enemies; influence of soil factors; fertilization; soil contamination with heavy metals; oil derivatives on soil-plant-phytophagous systems
Department of Drug Science and Technology, University of Turin, Via P. Giuria 9, 10125 Turin, Italy
Interests: biomass valorisation; green chemistry; green extraction; green solvents; enabling technologies; process intensification; polyphenols; heterogeneous catalysis; extraction kinetics
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