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The Section “Agricultural Soils” aims to present high-quality scientific contributions that provide new insights into soil management that achieves a balance among agricultural productivities, environment qualities, and ecosystem services. We will consider land uses in watersheds to maximize crop production, to minimize environmental load, and to intensify ecosystem services in natural ecosystems. We request the submission of articles evaluating the effects of soil management practices on fertilization, tillage, soil amendment, irrigation, and cropping patterns on the plant growth, soil fertility, and soil carbon sequestration, as well as on soil degradation such as erosion, compaction, salinization, alkalinization, acidification, leaching, and greenhouse gas emissions, including the analysis of their relationships with soil environmental factors. Authors are also welcome to submit studies concerning wide-range and long-term evaluation using remote sensing data and simulation models.


soil management; soil degradation; fertilization; tillage; soil amendment; irrigation; cropping patterns; soil fertility; soil carbon sequestration; erosion; compaction; salinization; alkalinization; acidification; leaching; greenhouse gas emissions

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