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The Astronautics and Space Science section of Aerospace (ISSN 2226-4310) is devoted to the publication of original papers, review articles, short notes and communications related to all fields of space engineering, technology and science, linked to current and future applications in the design, manufacture, operations, control and maintenance of spacecraft and space missions.


We encourage submissions related to, but not limited to, the following subject areas:

  • spaceflight mechanics
  • astrodynamics
  • space research instrumentation
  • space and Earth observation
  • space vehicles' operation, control and maintenance
  • space applications of artificial intelligence and machine learning
  • satellite technology
  • microgravity
  • space station technology
  • new space economy
  • space mission design
  • space debris observation, mitigation and removal strategies
  • space transportation systems
  • space propulsion
  • space situational awareness

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