Reproductive and Developmental Toxicity

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The Reproductive and Developmental Toxicity Section of Toxics focuses on the presentation of studies on the reproductive and developmental toxicity of environmental exposure to toxicants. This Section invites submissions of high-quality manuscripts reporting on investigations of all aspects of the relationships, and their biological mechanisms, between toxicant exposure and outcomes of sexual function and fertility in adult males and females as well as the development of offspring. The exposures may include, but are not limited to, environmental or occupational exposure to, e.g., pesticides, industrial chemicals, metals, air pollution, and emerging environmental pollutants. This Section also welcomes submissions on the exploration and application of frontier experimental methods and statistical models in toxicology. Reviews and commentaries are also welcome in this Section.


  • reproduction
  • development
  • chemicals
  • endocrine disruptors
  • emerging pollutants
  • toxicity
  • exposure assessment
  • critical windows of exposure
  • toxicological mechanism
  • risk assessment
  • toxicological methods
  • epidemiology
  • in vitro
  • in vivo

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