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3 January 2023, Waikoloa, HI, USA
1st Workshop on Maritime Computer Vision MaCVi2023

Over the last few years, a number of computer vision applications have emerged in both the maritime and freshwater domains. These include search and rescue (SaR), detection of illegal fishing, airborne water surface reconnaissance, offshore wind farm and oil rig inspection, animal population monitoring, and more. Autonomous vehicle technologies have additionally made inroads into maritime environments, with the potential to provide automation on busy waterways and shipping routes and in airborne applications. For accurate navigation in busy traffic or close to the shores, computer vision is essential.

Owing to the fast progress and emergence of the aforementioned research, this workshop (MaCVi as part of WACV '23) aims to bring together researchers from this field (summarized as Maritime Computer Vision) and promote the employment of modern computer vision approaches in all kinds of airborne and surface water domains.

More information on the 1st MaCVi 2023 can be found on the following webpage:

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