Industrial Robots and Automation

A section of Robotics (ISSN 2218-6581).

Section Information

The Section “Industrial Robots and Automation” publishes original peer-reviewed papers in the field of advanced industrial robots and robot automation systems. Both theoretical and experimental papers and comprehensive reviews are considered. This Section introduces various aspects of industrial robots and their automation, such as mechanism analysis and design, control, autonomous function, perception, human–robot interaction, multirobot cooperation, industrial application, etc. The Section aims to create a transdisciplinary discussion platform for scientists, engineers, and practitioners to share their latest theoretical and technological results and to discuss several issues for present and forthcoming research directions.

Topics addressed in this Section include but are not limited to the following:

  • Mechanism analysis and design;
  • Robot dynamics;
  • Artificial intelligence technology;
  • Automation systems;
  • Autonomous agents;
  • Controlling movement;
  • Deep learning;
  • Operation of robotic systems;
  • Evolutionary robotics;
  • Grasping and manipulation;
  • History of industrial robotics;
  • Industrial robotics;
  • Intelligent industrial work assistant;
  • Methods for robot planning;
  • Mobile industrial robots;
  • Multidegree-of-freedom robot;
  • Human–robot interaction;
  • Multirobot cooperation;
  • Palletizing, product inspection, and testing;
  • Reactive and sensor-based planning;
  • Robot programming and interfaces;
  • Robotics and automation in construction;
  • Robotics in manufacturing;
  • Robots operate in extreme environments;
  • Semantic scene understanding;
  • Software, middleware, and programming environments;
  • Welding, painting, assembly, pick and place for printed circuit board software, middleware, and programming environments.

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