18–21 May 2020, Vilnius, Lithuania
9th Microwave and Radar Week

The 9th MICROWAVE & RADAR WEEK is the continuation of the series of very successful conferences in Warsaw (2004), Krakow (2006), Wroclaw (2008), Vilnius (2010), Warsaw (2012), Gdansk (2014), Krakow (2016) and in Poznan (2018).

The 9th Microwave and Radar Week MRW-2020 comes again to Vilnius, Lithuania.

This time the event comprises four parallel conferences:

  • MIKON-2020 23rd International Microwave and Radar Conference
  • IRS-2020 International Radar Symposium
  • Baltic URSI-2020 Baltic URSI Symposium
  • SPW-2020 Signal Processing Workshop

MRW 2020 Chair: Józef Modelski

Organizing Committee Chair: Boris Levitas

Conference website:



Antenna Design, Modeling & Measurements
Active Devices & Components
Passive Devices & Components
Microwave & Optical Integrated Circuits
Millimeter & Sub-millimeter Technology
Photonics, Microwave-Light Wave Interaction
RF, VHF & UHF Technology
Magnetic & Acoustic Wave Devices
CAD Technology, Modeling & Simulation
Microwave Measurements
Teaching Microwaves
Industrial, Environmental & Medical Applications
Microwave & Optical Communications Systems
Wireless & Personal Communications
Radar Technology
Radar Polarimetry & Signatures
Sensors, Detectors & Vehicular Radars
Electromagnetic Compatibility
THz Techniques
Space and Satellite Systems


Multi-Channel and Array Processing
Adaptive Signal Processing / STAP
SAR / ISAR Imaging
Compressive Sensing
Cognitive Radar
Localisation and Tracking
Ground Movin Target Indication
Sensor Data Fusion
Passive, Bistatic and Multi-Static Radar
Forward Scattering Radar
HF and Over-the-Horizon Radar
Milimeter Wave and THz Radar
MIMO Radar
UWB and Noise Radar
Antennas, Arrays and Beamforming
Propagation of Radar Signals
Palarimetric Radar / Radar Polarimetry
Radar and Clutter Modelling
Ground / Airborne / Spaceborne Radar
Radar Remote Sensing
Automotive and Maritime Radar
Weather Radar


Algorithms for Real-Time Processing
Bio-medical Signal Processing
Cognitive Signal Processing
Image Processing and Recognition
Localization and Tracking
Multimedia Signal Processing
Nonlinear Signal Processing
Radar Signal Processing
Signal Processing Theory and Methods
Security Applications
Statistical Signal Processing
Tomography and Medical Image Reconstruction
Waveform Design Techniques


Commission A: Electromagnetic Metrology
Commission B: Fields and Waves
Commission C: Radiocommunication Systems and  Signal Processing
Commission D: Electronics and Photonics
Commission E: Electromagnetic Environment and  Interference
Commission F: Wave Propagation and Remote  Sensing
Commission G: Ionospheric Radio and Propagation
Commission H: Waves in Plasmas
Commission J: Radio Astronomy
Commission K: Electromagnetics in Biology and  Medicine

Submission deadline: 24 January 2020

Early Bird registration: 3 - 16 March 2020

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