9–11 December 2019, San Diego, California, USA
AI3D 2019

The AI3D 2019 workshop is intended to provide a common forum for researchers, scientists, engineers, and practitioners throughout the world to present their latest research findings, developments, and applications in the area of Artificial Intelligence for 3D Big Spatial Data Processing. Recent advances in laser technology has resulted in the generation of a massive amount of 3D spatial data. The 3D spatial data offer a useful source of information for natural resource management, urban panning, autonomous driving, etc. Artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to take the 3D spatial data processing into hyper-growth. Recently, 3D indoor mapping systems, terrestrial mobile mapping systems (MMS) and airborne LiDAR systems are capable of collecting terabytes of data (including images and point clouds) in a single scan or on a single trip. Existing approaches and tools lack the efficient management, processing and analysis of 3D spatial data. The solution to this problem lies in the use of Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning to redefine the workflow. This workshop focuses on the use of Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning to improve the processing, management and analysis of 3D Big Spatial data. The workshop aims at providing a platform to the group of researchers working in this direction to share their work, exchange ideas, and solve research problems.

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