15 May 2020
Recruiting Editors for Processes

(ISSN 2227-9717) (IF 1.963, 69/138 (Q2) in 'Engineering, Chemical') is currently recruiting Editorial Board Members.

Processes provides an advanced forum for process/systems-related research in chemistry, biology, materials and allied engineering fields. The journal publishes regular research papers, communications, letters, short notes and reviews. Our aim is to encourage researchers to publish their experimental, theoretical and computational results in as much detail as necessary. There is no restriction on paper length or number of figures and tables.

As an Editorial Board Member, you would have the unique opportunity to help build the Processes community by identifying and introducing suitable collaborators. You would be able to lead specialty sections and direct the focus of research topics to facilitate the publication of key findings and historical advances in a hot research area. Furthermore, you would have an excellent avenue to gain insight into the latest developments in this multidisciplinary field of study. Finally, you would have the privilege of publishing one paper per year totally free of charge after peer review.

More details regarding the Editorial Board of Processes are available via the following link:

If you are interested in this position or have potential candidates to recommend, please contact the Processes Editorial Office at [email protected].

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