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This section of Molbank covers the traditional core domain of the journal. It is dedicated to the rapid publication of “one-compound-per-paper short notes” that describe the preparation and characterization of new compounds that may belong to any product class within organic chemistry. Submissions should contain an element of novelty in order to successfully pass the reviewing process. Manuscripts describing the synthesis of a known compound are considered only in very rare, exceptional cases if both of the following criteria are met: (a) the compound must be of extraordinary general interest; and (b) its synthesis was significantly improved. All types of newly synthesized organic compounds that can be defined as single chemical entities with a unique systematic name (following the IUPAC naming rules) are welcome. Besides “short notes”, articles of the “Communication” type will also be considered. They are not restricted to a single compound per paper and their title can be freely chosen. However, for such manuscripts there will be a stronger focus on novelty and originality in the reviewing process. As is the case for all other types of Molbank articles, submissions must be accompanied with a valid 2D molfile and relevant characterization data to be provided to reviewers and readers as supplementary material (see instructions for authors ).


organic synthesis; organic reaction; one-step synthesis; reaction mechanism; characterization; structure elucidation; biological activity

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