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30 August–4 September 2020 Symmetry 2020 - The 3rd International Conference on Symmetry

Beer Sheva, Israel

On behalf of the organizing committee, it is my great pleasure to invite you to the Symmetry 2020 - The 3rd International Conference on Symmetry, supported by Ben-Gurion University of the Negev and the MDPI journal Symmetry. The aim is to make this event a forum for discussion, knowledge exchange and fruitful interactions among participants in this exponentially growing field.

Stakeholders from academia and industry as well as from governments and research institutes are

welcome to join this event and share their findings on various topics related to symmetry, such as:

Physics and Symmetry

Chemistry and Symmetry

Biology and Symmetry

Mathematics, Computer Science and Symmetry

We are very enthusiastic about the 3rd International Conference on Symmetry and are relying on you to make it a successful event.

We look forward to meeting you in Beer Sheva!

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20–24 April 2020 An international conference on Models in Population Dynamics, Ecology, and Evolution (MPDEE’20)

Leicester, UK

The meeting will consider applications of mathematical modelling to explore processes and mechanisms in various biological systems ranging from a cell to the human society. A special focus will be on the interplay between ecology and evolution across time and space. MPDEE’18 is also expected to explore similarities between modelling techniques traditionally applied in ecology and evolution and those used in other life sciences with the purpose to enhance interdisciplinary approaches and to stimulate further advances in population dynamics, ecology and evolution. The meeting will be an open forum for interaction between theoreticians and empirical biologists with the main goal of enhancing communication between the two groups to better link theories with empirical realities.

9–11 July 2020 International Conference on Mathematics and its Applications in Science and Engineering (ICMASE 2020)

Ankara, Turkey

This meeting aims to present research, exchange ideas, discuss developments in mathematics, develop collaborations and interact with professionals and researchers from all over the world. ICMASE 2020 also serves to foster communication among researchers in a wide variety in different scientific areas have based on Mathematical subject.

Moreover this meeting is organized as final multiplier event of Rules_Math project, supported by European Union.

20–24 July 2020 The International Conference on Mathematical Analysis and Applications in Science and Engineering – ICMA2SC'20

Porto, Portugal

Its aim is to bring together researchers in every discipline of applied mathematics, science, engineering, industry, and technology, to discuss the development of new mathematical models, theories, and applications that contribute to the advancement of scientific knowledge and practice.

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