Journal History

2013 The inaugural issue was released. Mathematics was published as a quarterly journal.
2015 Mathematics was indexed in Emerging Sources Citation Index (ESCI)—Web of Science (Clarivate Analytics).
2017 Mathematics was indexed in Scopus—Elsevier.
2018 Mathematics adopted a monthly publication schedule.
Mathematics was indexed in Science Citation Index Expanded (SCIE)—Web of Science (Clarivate Analytics).
Mathematics received its first CiteScore (2017) of 1.1.
Mathematics established the following sections:
  • Engineering Mathematics;
  • Theoretical and Mathematical Ecology;
  • Mathematics and Computer Science;
  • Network Science.
2019 Mathematics published its 1,000th paper.
Mathematics received its first Impact Factor (2018) of 1.105.
Mathematics received its 2018 CiteScore (1.0).
Mathematics established the following sections:
  • Dynamical Systems;
  • Computational Mathematics;
  • Fuzzy Set Theory;
  • Difference and Differential Equations;
  • Financial Mathematics;
  • Mathematical Physics;
  • Algebra Geometry;
  • Probability and Statistics Theory.
2020 Mathematics received its 2019 Impact Factor (1.747).
Mathematics received its 2019 CiteScore (1.4).
became an affiliated journal of the European Society for Fuzzy Logic and Technology (EUSFLAT) and International Society for the Study of Information (IS4SI).
  • Algebra Geometry was renamed as Algebra and Geometry.
2021 Mathematics adopted a semimonthly publication schedule.
Mathematics received its 2020 Impact Factor (2.258); the 5-year Impact Factor was 2.165.
Mathematics received its 2020 CiteScore (2.2).
Mathematics established the following section:
  • Functional Interpolation.
  • Computational Mathematics was renamed as Computational and Applied Mathematics.
  • Theoretical and Mathematical Ecology was renamed as Mathematical Biology.
2022 Mathematics received its 2021 Impact Factor (2.592); the 5-year Impact Factor was 2.542.
Mathematics received its 2021 CiteScore (2.9).
  • Probability and Statistics Theory was renamed as Probability and Statistics.
  • Fuzzy Sets Theory was renamed as Fuzzy Sets, Systems and Decision Making.
  • Algebra and Geometry was renamed as Algebra, Geometry and Topology.
Mathematics received its 2022 Impact Factor (2.4); the 5-year Impact Factor was 2.3.
Mathematics received its 2022 CiteScore (3.5).
The year 2023 marks the 10th Anniversary of Mathematics.


2012–2014 Editor‐in‐Chief: Prof. Dr. Sergei K. Suslov
2014–2019 Editor-in-Chief: Prof. Dr. Lokenath Debnath
2019–2021 Editor-in-Chief: Prof. Dr. José A. Tenreiro Machado. * Prof. Dr. José A. Tenreiro Machado passed away on 6 October 2021.
2022–present Editor-in-Chief: Prof. Dr. Francisco Chiclana

Section Editor-in-Chief

2018–2021 Section Editor-in-Chief: Prof. Dr. José A. Tenreiro Machado for the section on Engineering Mathematics. * Prof. Dr. José A. Tenreiro Machado passed away on 6 October 2021.
2018–present Section Editor-in-Chief: Prof. Dr. Sergei Petrovskii for the section on Mathematical Biology
Section Editor-in-Chief: Prof. Dr. Marjan Mernik for the section on Mathematics and Computer Science
Section Editor-in-Chief: Prof. Dr. Matjaz Perc for the section on Network Science
2020–2022 Section Editor-in-Chief: Prof. Dr. Vicente Muñoz for the section on Algebra and Geometry
2020–2023 Section Editor-in-Chief: Prof. Dr. Alberto Cabada for the section on Difference and Differential Equations
2020–present Section Editor-in-Chief: Prof. Dr. Michel Chipot for the section on Dynamical Systems
Section Editor-in-Chief: Prof. Dr. Juan Ramón Torregrosa Sánchez for the section on Computational and Applied Mathematics
Section Editor-in-Chief: Prof. Dr. Francisco Chiclana for the section on Fuzzy Sets, Systems and Decision Making
Section Editor-in-Chief: Prof. Dr. Manuel De Leòn for the section on Mathematical Physics
Section Editor-in-Chief: Prof. Dr. Antonio Di Crescenzo for the section on Probability and Statistics
2021–present Section Editor-in-Chief: Prof. Dr. Daniele Mortari for the section on Functional Interpolation
2022–present Section Editor-in-Chief: Prof. Dr. Paolo Mercorelli for the section on Engineering Mathematics
Section Editor-in-Chief:
Prof. Dr. Massimiliano Ferrara for the section on Financial Mathematics
Section Editor-in-Chief: 
Prof. Dr. Adolfo Ballester-Bolinches for the section on Algebra, Geometry and Topology
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