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The Risk section aims to publish leading research on financial risk and risk management. It focuses on research related to risk in the financial sphere but is also interested in research tackling other types of risks at the corporate, institutional, and/or regulatory level that are perceived to be important and interconnected (for example, various operational risks). Risk management builds bridges between the academic study of risk and the day-to-day application of risk management principles in a variety of real-world settings.

Among the finance topics covered in the section are financial risk management, including dynamic forecasting of financial distress; exchange rate exposure and financial crises; risk quantification in turmoil markets; and financial stress testing. The section publishes research relevant to banks and insurance companies, asset management companies, and nonfinancial corporations.

Risk management serves an audience of practitioners, regulators, academics, and others who are interested in quantitative perspectives on contemporary issues, and practices in the field, as well as both theoretical and practical advances.

Prof. Dr. Thanasis Stengos
Section Editor-in-Chief


  • Financial Risk & Economic Risk
  • Credit Risk
  • Liquidity Risk
  • Market Risk
  • Operational Risk
  • Volatility Risk
  • Systemic Risk
  • Political Risk
  • Risk Management and Analysis
  • Risk Prediction
  • Risk Modelling
  • Risk Taking
  • Risk Hedging
  • Project Risk Management
  • Insurance
  • Actuarial Sciences

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