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The Section “Omics/Informatics” section of the Journal of Personalized Medicine is open to high-quality research and review articles, as well as short communications, case reports, and editorials on all aspects of omics sciences (from gene to the clinic) applied to personalized medicine. Of particular interest is original omics research, including multi-omics, genomics, proteomics, epigenomics metabolomics, lipidomics, peptidomics, metagenomics, microbiomics, pharmacogenomics, toxicogenomics, etc., with a focus on disease etiology, prevention, diagnosis, treatment and therapy, prognosis, and monitoring. Download Section Flyer


Topics of interest with a view toward personalized medicine include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Capacity building for developing world omics;
  • Applications of omics for personalized medicine (e.g., pharmacogenomics) and public health practice (e.g., vaccinomics);
  • Artificial Intelligence applied to omics diagnostics and/or therapeutics in personalized medicine;
  • Data standards and sharing;
  • Social, legal, and ethics analysis of omics technologies and post-genomics life science innovations;
  • Bioinformatics, computational biology, and biomedical informatics;
  • Data standards, meta-data, data sharing, databases, biobanks, and cloud computing;
  • Methodological, statistical, and algorithmic developments;
  • Multi-omics (i.e., Pan-omics and Trans-omics);
  • Advances in lab diagnostics omics including clinical biochemistry and biochemical/biomolecular diagnostics, hematopathology, microbiology, and diagnostics in medicine and dentistry;
  • Integrative studies combining two or more of the above topics.

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