29 September–3 October 2020, Coimbra, Portugal
29SEP-03OCT 2020

In late September (29 September–3 October 2020), the Iberian Entomological research is going to converge in Coimbra, under the main topic of “Insects and Man”. The Portuguese Entomology Society (SPEN), the Coimbra Agriculture School (ESAC), and the Centre for Functional Ecology of the University of Coimbra (CFE-UC) are working together to make the 21st Iberian Entomology Congress a remarkable venue.

The main goal of the Congress is to gather and exchange knowledge among entomology professionals and those passionate in entomology to understand the current knowledge and to create new synergies, under the topics: “Insects and Man”, “Biodiversity, Biogeography, and Conservation”, “Biology and Ecology”, “Entomology and Health”, “Agro-Forest Entomology”, “Taxonomy, Systematics, and Evolution”, “SciComm in Entomology”, and “Invasive Species”.

We are waiting for you at the wonderful city of Coimbra. More information at:"

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