Inorganic Solid-State Chemistry

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This section is dedicated to fundamental studies in experimental and theoretical solid-state chemistry and neighboring fields, with a special emphasis on synthesis, structure, bonding, and thermochemistry. In addition, applied contributions targeted at the latest findings in novel materials such as magnets, optical materials, dielectrics, phase-change materials, superconducting compounds and others are very much welcome. Contributions such as original research articles, reviews, mini reviews, letters, and communications on all aspects of solid-state chemistry will be considered.


advanced synthesis; borides; calorimetry; carbides; chalcogenides; chemical bonding; chemical-vapor transport; clay; crystal chemistry; crystal growth; crystal structure; defects; density-functional theory; dielectrics; first-principles theory; glass; halides; high-pressure phases; high-temperature synthesis; hydrides; intermetallics; neutron diffraction; magnetism; materials chemistry; metal-organic frameworks; microscopy; Mößbauer spectroscopy; multiferroics; nanomaterials; nitrides; nuclear-magnetic resonance; nucleation; optical materials; oxides; phase-change materials; photoelectron spectroscopy; pnictides; reaction mechanisms; solvothermal synthesis; superhard materials; thermodynamics; thermoelectrics; quantum chemistry; quasicrystals; X-ray diffraction; zeolites

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