Journal History

2011 IJGI is a joint publication by ISPRS and MDPI. The journal plans to collaborate closely with working groups and commissions of ISPRS.
2012 The inaugural issue was released. IJGI was published as a monthly journal.
2013 Prior to 19 November 2013, 52 papers (1091 pages) were published. The number nearly trebled in 2013.
2015 IJGI was covered by Web of Science.
2016 From 2016, IJGI published monthly. IJGI sponsored the ISPRS Annual Meeting and organized the EB meeting there. IJGI received the 1st impact factor of 0.651.
2017 IJGI’s impact factor increased to 1.502.

The Impact Factor for 2017 was 1.723; the rank was 18/30.

The CiteScore for 2017 was 2.10.


A new study area, Spatial Information Science, was covered in IJGI.

The Impact Factor for 2018 was 1.840; the rank was 19/30.

The CiteScore for 2018 was 2.58.


The Jack Dangermond Award 2017–2019
The winners for the 2017–2019 period are:
Florent Poux and Roland Billen
Voxel-based 3D Point Cloud Semantic Segmentation: Unsupervised Geometric and Relationship Featuring vs Deep Learning Methods

IJGI announced the Jack Dangermond Best Paper Award 2019 Winners:Florent Poux and Roland Billen.

The Impact Factor for 2019 was 2.239; the rank was 18/30.

The CiteScore for 2019 was 3.80.


The Impact Factor for 2020 was 2.899; the rank was 19/32.

The CiteScore for 2020 was 4.6.


IJGI received its Impact Factor (2021) of 3.099, ranked 23/48 (Q2) in "Geography, Physical".

IJGI received an updated CiteScore (2021) of 5.0, ranked 97/747 (Q1) in "Geography, Planning and Development".

The year 2022 marks the 10th Anniversary of IJGI.


IJGI received an Impact Factor (2022) of 3.4, and ranks 18/49 (Q2) in "Geography, Physical".

IJGI received an updated CiteScore (2022) of 6.2, and ranks 15/72 (Q1) in "Computers in Earth Sciences".

The Jack Dangermond Award 2022–2025
The Jack Dangermond Award—Best Paper 2022
A Forest of Forests: A Spatially Weighted and Computationally Efficient Formulation of Geographical Random Forests.
By Stefanos Georganos and Stamatis Kalogirou


2011– Editor-in-Chief Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Kainz
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