Plant Genetics and Genomics

A section of Genes (ISSN 2073-4425).

Section Information

The section “Plant Genetics and Genomics” aims to publish articles related to genes and genomes in plants as well as algae. We welcome submissions that focus on genes and genomes including their function, organization, and evolution, from molecular genetic characterization to population genetics and phylogenomics. We also accept submissions that apply genetic approaches in order to deal with the increasing demand of crop production or that aim to increase the nutritional/nutraceutical value of a plant.

Topics within the scope of this section include, but are not limited to:

  • Mechanisms of plant gene regulation;
  • Phylogenomics and evolutionary plant genetics;
  • Gene silencing and miRNAs;
  • Epigenetics and epigenomics;
  • Chromatin organization;
  • Plastid genomic studies;
  • Genetic engineering for crop production.

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