24–26 June 2020, CATANIA-ITALY
1st INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE on Control of Intelligent Systems and Devices (IC2ISD’20)

The aim of IC2ISD'20 is to provide a forum for discussing the state of the art and the recent advances and challenges in the intelligent control systems and devices.
Such systems represent key issues in the implementation of Industry 4.0, and in many fields such as robotics, bio-inspired systems, smart grids, smart cities, smart houses, and precise agriculture.
A good acquaintance and expertise in control security, connectivity, remote monitoring and management are necessary to develop intelligent systems, smart devices and networked structures.


  1. Intelligent Control Smart Adaptive Devices
  2. Predictive and Robust Control
  3. Networked System Controls
  4. Identification and Estimation
  5. Intelligent Signal Processing
  6. Intelligent and Integrated Sensing
  7. Robotics Computational Intelligence
  8. Process Monitoring
  9. Systems Industrial IoT Smart Grid
  10. Smart Cities Home and Building Automation
  11. Precise Agriculture Bioinspired Systems
  12. Environmental Systems

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