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1–5 June 2020 10 Anniversary IOT week

Dublin, Ireland

The rising awareness of climate change has caused the popularization of sustainability and the realization that we need to do things not only differently, but better. As focus shifts to finding solutions to climate issues, technological advancements and innovation present a promising way forward.

The Internet of Things, for example, which Boston Consulting Group estimates will boom into an $267 billion dollar industry by 2020, promises to facilitate great leaps in our efforts to transform our places and spaces, from homes and offices to entire cities, into sustainable environments.

If IoT technologies build on not only established technology, but also new capabilities in the backend, such as artificial intelligence, deep semantic interoperability and novel contractual arrangements like Blockchains, they will undoubtedly bring fundamental change to all sectors of activity, improving the way we live and work.

In other words, IoT is likely to be an essential element of the Next Generation Internet, setting the groundwork for systems and devices of the future.

24–26 June 2020 1st INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE on Control of Intelligent Systems and Devices (IC2ISD’20)


The aim of IC2ISD'20 is to provide a forum for discussing the state of the art and the recent advances and challenges in the intelligent control systems and devices.
Such systems represent key issues in the implementation of Industry 4.0, and in many fields such as robotics, bio-inspired systems, smart grids, smart cities, smart houses, and precise agriculture.
A good acquaintance and expertise in control security, connectivity, remote monitoring and management are necessary to develop intelligent systems, smart devices and networked structures.


  1. Intelligent Control Smart Adaptive Devices
  2. Predictive and Robust Control
  3. Networked System Controls
  4. Identification and Estimation
  5. Intelligent Signal Processing
  6. Intelligent and Integrated Sensing
  7. Robotics Computational Intelligence
  8. Process Monitoring
  9. Systems Industrial IoT Smart Grid
  10. Smart Cities Home and Building Automation
  11. Precise Agriculture Bioinspired Systems
  12. Environmental Systems

20–22 July 2020 12th IEEE/IET International Symposium on Communication Systems, Networks and Digital Signal Processing- CSNDSP

Porto, Portugual

CSNDSP 2020 serves as a forum for the exchange of ideas among engineers, scientists and young researchers from all over the world on advances in communication systems, communications networks and digital signal processing and to provide a focus for future research and developments.

3–6 August 2020 The 29th International Conference on Computer Communications and Networks (ICCCN 2020)

Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

ICCCN is one of the leading international conferences for presenting novel ideas and fundamental advances in the fields of computer communications and networks. ICCCN serves to foster communication among researchers and practitioners with a common interest in improving communications and networking through scientific and technological innovation. The primary focus of the conference is on new and original research results in the areas of design, implementation, and applications of computer communications and networks. ICCCN 2020 is Technically Co-Sponsored by the IEEE/IEEE Communication Society.


The primary focus of the ICCCN 2020 conference is on new and original research results in the areas of design, implementation, and applications of computer communications and networks. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Cognitive, Ad Hoc, Mobile, and Mesh Networks (CAMM)
  • Communication Architecture, Algorithms, Modeling and Evaluation (CAAME)
  • Data Centers and Big Data Computing (DCBC)
  • Game, AI, and ML aided Network Design and Application (GAM)
  • Green Networking and Sustainable Computing (GREEN)
  • Grid, Cloud, Internet and Middleware Computing and Communication (GCIM)
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Multimedia and Real-Time Networking (MRN)
  • Security, Privacy, Trust and Incentives (SPTI)
  • Sensor/Embedded Networks and Pervasive Computing (SNPC)
  • Software Defined Networks and Network Virtualization Technologies (SDN/NFV)
  • Social Networks and Computing (SNC)
  • Hot Topics in Networking (HOT)

18–21 August 2020 The 4th International Conference on Smart Grid and Smart Cities (ICSGSC 2020)

Osaka, Japan

For the past few years, smart grids have been the main topic of fervent research and development at both industrial and academic level. The smart grid is envisaged to be the next generation electric grid for Smart Cities. It enables the smart integration of conventional power generation, renewable generation, distributed generation, energy storage, transmission, distribution and demand management. The benefits of smart grid include the enhanced reliability and resilience, higher intelligence and optimized control, decentralized operation, higher operational efficiency, more efficient demand management, and better power quality. However, all these prospected transformations also bring with them numerous challenges and opportunities.

We warmly invite you to participate in the ICSGSC 2020 program and activities and we are confident that you will find the program enriching, enlightening and rewarding.

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