6–9 September 2020, Novotel Twin Waters, Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia
Australasian Genomic Technologies Association Conference (AGTA2020)

The AGTA 2020 themes will encompass the newest and most exciting genome technologies available and their applications across basic, translational and clinical research. Many AGTA members are early adopters of genomic technology and associated computational platforms. ‘Omics approaches are transforming our understanding of multi-cellular organisms and the ways in which we implement genomic technologies into healthcare, agriculture and biotechnology. Long-read and single molecule sequencing involving nanopore, linked reads or spatial mapping are also exciting and rapidly evolving technologies with a range of applications across diverse fields from microbial ecology to clinical diagnostics. Nearly all of these genomics platforms have application for analysis of DNA, RNA and the epigenome. Furthermore, we recognise the potential use of genomic technologies for high-throughput functional screens involving RNAi or CRISPR technologies, as well as its potential to create large scale datasets requiring advanced high performance computing and cloud solutions. We expect AGTA 2020 to attract a diverse audience who will be eager to learn more about new genomic technologies and how these can be applied in their research.

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