28 September–2 October 2020, Bad Staffelstein, Germany
17th Discussion Meeting on Thermodynamics of Alloys (TOFA 2020)

The 17th Discussion Meeting on Thermodynamics of Alloys (TOFA 2020) will provide an international forum for the worldwide community to meet, present and discuss fundamental and practical aspects of the thermodynamics of alloys.

Following the traditional scheme, TOFA 2020 will be a single-session conference comprised of invited lectures, oral presentations, a high-profile poster session and sufficient time and opportunities for discussions. The conference provides a place where early stage researchers and

experienced colleagues, experimentalists and theoreticians (including people from the CALPHAD community), as well as scientists focusing on fundamental questions and those working on application-related topics come together.

TOFA 2020 will continue the long-established series of biennial discussion meetings on thermodynamics that had started already more than 30 years ago in Vienna. After the preceding TOFA meetings 2016 in Brazil and 2018 in South Korea, the conference comes back to Europe and TOFA 2020 will take place at the Educational Center Kloster Banz near Bad Staffelstein and Bamberg, Germany. The cloister is situated in a remote place above the valley of the river Main. As a well-known educational center, it is an ideal place for conferences with its good infrastructure and relaxing atmosphere. In addition, being situated in the central part of Germany, it is easily accessible from Nuremberg, Munich and Frankfurt airports.

Topics include, but are not limited to:

- Experimental and theoretical thermodynamics

- New results and techniques

- Computational thermodynamics

- Thermodynamic properties derived from ab initio calculations

- Phase diagrams

- Phase transformations and kinetics, solid state diff usion

- Thermodynamics of low-dimensional systems

(surfaces and interfaces, nanomaterials)

- Thermochemistry of metallurgical processes

- Process simulation using thermodynamics

- Industrial applications of thermodynamics

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