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22–23 November 2010 Nations, Regions, Organizations – Cultural Diversity as a Source of Integration and Alienation

Szczecin, Poland

Because of social changes in Poland and Europe social researchers are more and more interested in the transformations of collective identities. One may think national identity is less and less significant (at the expense of e.g. increasing role of local and regional identities) but many conflicts emerging form the attempts of migrants’ assimilation  or treating refugees may be a proof that it is still a strong affiliation. Moreover, because the influence of institutions such as family or religion is weaker, the impact of organizations as work places of secondary socialization is becoming of major importance. Companies are therefore objects shaping identity.  The main scientific problem of this conference is to discuss the role of nations, regions and organizations in creating cultural identity and search for the border where cultural diversity does not facilitate integration, or to specify a level or degree of cultural diversity which is not functional any more.


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