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Dental education faces many challenges—financial, intellectual, organizational, and technological. The future of dental education will be shaped, in part, by scientific, technological, political, and economic factors. This section of the Dentistry Journal aims to rapidly publish original, topical, and review articles of the highest quality in the field of dental education. We aim to disseminate widely the latest information on curriculum development, teaching methodologies, assessment techniques, and quality assurance in the fields of dental undergraduate and postgraduate education and dental auxiliary personnel training.

We welcome papers on original, topical, and review articles within the scope of dental education and related fields. Topics include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • basic medical sciences
  • behavioural sciences
  • the interface with medical education
  • information technology
  • distance learning
  • educational audit
  • curriculum reform
  • education research methods
  • innovative educational and assessment methodologies
  • faculty development
  • community-based dental education
  • student recruitment and admissions
  • professional and educational ethics
  • dental education around the world
  • systematic reviews of educational interest
  • the relationship of dental education to the university, the dental profession, and society at large
  • review key indicators of oral health status, outline oral health goals, and discusses implications for education


dental education, dentistry, curriculum development, teaching methodologies, assessment techniques, undergraduate, postrgraduate, training, dental training, dental educational, distance learning, medical sciences, behavioral sciences, medical education, information technology, distance learning, educational audit

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