20 March 2020, Atlanta, GA, USA
First Workshop on Seated Virtual Reality

Accessing VR/AR while the user is being seated is not uncommon. However, sitting often is not recognized as a unique characteristic and instead is somehow addressed in the background, or it is perceived as just given, because it often also is not a design decision to make, and thus does not generates attention. Furthermore, whenever being seated really is a choosable option, it might look only limiting at a first glance, but reveals various opportunities at a second. In the end, the reason for being seated are diverse and could be

    • dictated by the surrounding real-world environment,
    • beneficial for long term usage and ergonomics,
    • necessary due to impairment,
    • matching the simulated real-world activity,
    • laziness, convenience.

However, the impact and questions on the UI design as well as the user's perception often are the same. Therefore, we think it is worth to combine research around this scenario and bring interested researchers together, to identify and discuss research and lack of such in this field.

In this interactive workshop we want to tackle this agenda in lively group work and discussions, framed by short lightning talks of the accepted abstracts.

Main topics:

Welcome are all topics, which directly investigate, which impact sitting in VR/AR has, or work where the user is being seated and this fact has/had a significant impact on the interface design, including:

    • Seated VR/AR
    • Working environments
    • Locomotion
    • 3DUI design
    • Perception, Immersion, Presence
    • Cybersickness
    • Gaming, Entertainment
    • Devices
    • Lazy UIs

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