19–25 January 2020, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
First International Workshop on Programming Languages for Quantum Computing (PLanQC 2020)

We invite members of the programming languages (PL) and quantum computing (QC) communities to submit talk proposals for the First International Workshop on Programming Languages for Quantum Computing (PLanQC 2020), co-located with POPL 2020 in New Orleans this January.

PLanQC aims to bring together researchers from the fields of programming languages and quantum information, exposing the programming languages community to the unique challenges of programming quantum computers. It will promote the development of tools to assist in the process of programming quantum computers, as they exist today and as they are likely to exist in the near to distant future.

Submissions to PLanQC should take the form of 2-4 page abstracts (single-column, not counting references), with links to larger preprints when appropriate (work-in-progress is welcome). We hope to make PLanQC maximally accessible to the programming languages community. Thus, abstracts should cover cutting edge ideas and results, but not be opaque to new, potential entrants to QC coming from PL. Abstracts will be reviewed for quality and relevance to the workshop, and accepted authors will be invited to give talks or poster presentations. We will not be publishing formal proceedings, but the extended abstracts, along with links (where available) to full papers will be posted to the workshop’s website.

Topics of particular interest include:

  • High-level quantum programming languages
  • Verification tools for quantum programs
  • Novel quantum programming abstractions
  • Quantum circuit optimizations
  • Error handling, mitigation, and correction
  • Instruction sets for quantum hardware
  • Other techniques from traditional programming languages (e.g., types, compilation/optimization, foreign function interfaces) applied to the domain of quantum computation.

Important Days

Abstract submission deadline

Mon 28 Oct 2019


Thu 21 Nov 2019


Sun 19 Jan 2020

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