13–15 July 2011, Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium
PLEA 2011: 27th International conference on Passive and Low Energy Architecture

The objective of the PLEA 2011 conference is to gather architects, professors and researchers around questions raised by sustainable architecture. How to integrate the contexts and the different scales of its application ranging from the realm of the city to those of materials and components ?

The 30th anniversary of PLEA will be an opportunity to compare theory with practice, history and heritage with contemporary architecture, education and current needs, local approaches with global objectives...

There will be three Forum for discussion of specific questions raised by PLEA members and the conference will close with a common declaration.


  • examples of sustainable architecture and urban design
  • programming (multi function and multi generation)
  • design tools and methods
  • education
  • comfort and occupancy (inside and outside)
  • mobility (in and between cities)
  • climatic, water and biodiversity context
  • building Physics (hygrothermic, daylighting and acoustic)
  • HVAC, equipment and regulation (complementary to design)
  • material (environmental and health aspects)
  • waste management
  • renewal/refurbishment

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