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2–6 September 2024 Meet Us at the 21st International Highly Charged Ions Conference, 2–6 September 2024, Egmond aan Zee, The Netherlands

Egmond aan Zee, The Netherlands

The biennial international HCI (Highly Charged Ions) conference series will come to the Netherlands for its 21st edition. Central to the conference series are the physics of highly charged ions, with topics ranging from fundamental structure, via interactions with photons, electrons, ions, atoms, molecules and solids to applications in astrophysical, fusion and industrial plasma.

HCI-21 will take place in Hotel Zuiderduin in Egmond aan Zee on the North Sea coast near Amsterdam and it will run from 2 to 6 September 2024. The conference is chaired by Ronnie Hoekstra (University of Groningen and ARCNL) and Oscar Versolato and John Sheil (both ARCNL and VU Amsterdam). All practical information on HCI-21 is available on its website.

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