15 October 2018
2018 Nobel Prize in Physics Awarded to Professor Donna Strickland

We congratulate Donna Strickland (University of Waterloo, Canada) on receiving the 2018 Nobel Prize in Physics, jointly with fellow physicist Gérard Mourou, for inventing a method for generating high-intensity, ultra-short optical pulses which can be utilized in a variety of applications in science and technology (e.g., advanced material 3D micro-/nano-processing and micro-machining).

One of Dr. Donna Strickland's studies was published in Applied Sciences: Effect of Two-Photon Stark Shift on the Multi-Frequency Raman Spectra Appl. Sci. 2014, 4(3), 390–401. The paper described how linear Raman scattering from two-photon dressed states can lead to the generation of these extra peaks on the low-frequency side of the Raman orders.

The MRG spectra are shown for two positively chirped pump pulses, with total energy of 1.5 mJ as a function of time delay between the two pulses (figure adapted from Appl. Sci. 2014, 4(3), 390–401).

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