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4–6 December 2024 Welcome from the Chairs


We are pleased to announce the 5th International Electronic Conference on Applied Sciences. This international conference is sponsored by MDPI OA journal Applied Sciences (ISSN: 2076-3417), will bring together scientists from different areas to discuss important recent developments in a number of fields. It represents an opportunity to gather an interdisciplinary community to discuss applied sciences. More specifically, after the success of the first four editions, this year’s edition will focus on eight thematic areas of applied nature sciences:

  1. Applied Biosciences and Bioengineering
  2. Nanosciences, Chemistry and Materials Science
  3. Computing and Artificial Intelligence
  4. Electrical, Electronics and Communications Engineering
  5. Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
  6. Energy, Environmental and Earth Science
  7. Food Science and Technology
  8. Applied Physical Science

We expect that participants of this conference will exchange novel provocative ideas by presenting short oral presentations on research and development discoveries. Posters can be presented without an accompanying proceedings paper and will be available on this website during and after the e-conference.

Specifically, you do not need to seek financial support for travel, purchase air tickets, leave your house, office, and family, make a hotel room reservation, take a trip, or adjust to the time zone where the conference takes place during the entire conference period.

Under the virtual conference settings, there are additional advantages: (1) engagement tools that keep energy levels high, (2) participants are given a voice, (3) far stronger attention is received while one is talking, (4) Q&A through “Chat” is also possible if you do not wish to raise your question verbally, (5) polls, (6) feedback through Chat, (7) use of symbols under the “Reactions” function to show your voice, appreciation, or request, (8) greater reach with a remote audience, and (9) the ability to deliver live and pre-recorded presentations simultaneously.

Please find the best oral award and best poster award by clicking the following link:

Extended and expanded versions of the conference proceedings papers can be submitted to a Special Issue in the journal Applied Sciences after the conference, with a 20% discount on the article processing charges.

Applied Sciences is an international, peer-reviewed, open access journal on all aspects of applied natural sciences. It is published semimonthly online by MDPI.

We hope the community will share our enthusiasm and help to make this 5th edition a success, and that there will be many more conferences in the future.

Prof. Dr. Nunzio Cennamo
Professor of Electronics at University of Campania Luigi Vanvitelli (Naples), Italy
The Chair of the 5th International Electronic Conference on Applied Sciences

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