Agricultural Technology

A section of Agriculture (ISSN 2077-0472).

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The Section "Agricultural Technology" aims to publish high-quality scientific contributions providing novel insights into the impact of the development and the diffusion of scientific and technical knowledge related to engineering, equipment, machinery, and mechanics in agricultural, animal husbandry forestry, and green areas.

The design and construction aspects of the machinery and plants for the processes, as well as the methods, techniques, and technologies to optimize their performance in energy, environmental, economic, and social terms (e.g., safety of plant and machinery) are included.

Studies concerning motors, thermotechnical, microbiological transformations, and the treatment and conversion of biomass into energy and biofuels for traction will be considered. 


automation; biofuels; biomass; energy; equipment; ergonomics; logistics; machines; mechanization; motors; plant; process control; robotization; safety; sensors

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